Over the last few years, the Lunar Alliance lost its once-uncontested status as the foremost force in Chaos, and The Aurora Guild grew in power.

Silverius, Unnamed, Aerym, and Chmmr developed a method for causing tremors in the fabric of heavenly realms. They broke and then fixed the Time Governor, and even altered the nature of telepathy. Before they discovered how to control the effects of their new-found power, Ertai and others carried these experiments into the realm of Chaos. Shzuru panicked as his hold over Chaos and souls weakened, and he forbade further research.

At some point, Shzuru separated from his body. Samildanach and La-newa hypnotised the archangel's body to feed itself. Mages then triggered a tremor in an effort to return Shzuru's integrity. Unfortunately, the tremor coincided with the accidental death of the archangel at the hands of his own hamlet. Shzuru, Chaos, and all souls came apart, and history ended.
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